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Beast saw Beauty. And the hunt was on. 

A beast has just kicked down my front door. 
He’s massive, scarred, just out of prison and refuses to budge. 

Unless I go with him. 

He’s made it clear what he wants—my untouched body beneath his giant, damaged one. 
If I run, he’ll hunt me down and take it. 

But when he slips and shows me his desperation…
I’m no longer sure whether I want to run to him or away from him. 

Anya is getting ready to go to college, but she’s sad to leave her bodyguard behind. Sasha has been everything to her over the year, even more than he knows. She’s fantasized about all the ways he could do more than just protect her, and leaving him is making her heart ache. What she doesn’t know is he’s got his own plans, and they include more than she could have possibly dreamed of.

Sasha is the big Russian bodyguard everyone stays clear of. He’s intimidating, rough, and knows how to kill. But there’s a soft spot inside him, and it’s name is Anya. He’s made a promise to her father and to himself that he won’t touch her until he’s fulfilled his duty. But that time is almost up, and her innocence is free to claim.

Lainey has heard the ghost stories of the beast in the woods, but one night around a campfire she discovers some legends are true.

The Butcher has watched her from a distance, but he’s a man with needs and won’t deny himself any longer.

Warning: Alexa Riley teamed up with Jessa Kane again to bring you filthy, over-the-top hotness. It’s ridiculously fun, so don’t be shy! Grab your marshmallows and join us for this dirty treat!

Not even two firemen can put out this fire…


Rescued from the flames by two powerful heroes who now refuse to leave her side, Penny can’t seem to choose which man she needs most. Possessive Nick is old enough to be her father and touches her just right. Zeke is wild and full of passion with a hidden sweet side.


So maybe she won’t choose. Maybe she’ll keep them both.


After all, both men are determined to keep Penny, even if it means sharing…and keep her protected from the danger lurking just around the corner.

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